Contemporary art vibrates with enthusiasm. It is an uninhibited engagement with material pleasure and an accomplice to daily existence. Artists have never had a more broad licence to use all and any materials and complement it with unprecedented freedom of personal expression. The result? Outbursts of energy. A desire to live authentically. We run from the straps and bars of convention. We search and gather all that is fresh and exuberant in its ability to imagine ways to extract meaning. We seek for Art that performs the task of insight. That grabs you by the hand from all that is dull, repetitive, anxious everyday existence and makes dreams of eloping come true. We hunt and gather all that is released from dogma and has the ability to cast in form our deepest desires for beautiful living. This is our Encounter with Art. These are the Discoveries we share.

Tara von Neudorf

Enlightenment conquering Deceit

the sas gallery, L'abattoir, Tara von Neudorf, Vali Chincisan
Stefan Botis

Creative elements of mankind
Sergiu Laslo

Surreal montage of pop culture, passerby and old photographs
Matei Tigareanu

A universe of situations adressed by social themes or bizarre characters
Andrei Sclifos

Colours and textures as instruments of both knowledge and self-knowledge
Vali Chincisan

Multimedia illusion & temporal seduction - video art