“L’Abattoir” excentric vernisaje ?

Painting series by Tara von Neudorf after a story created by Calin Sas (The Sas Gallery). Event featuring Vali Chincisan – Obviously (video art)

“One of the strangest and most ambivalent relationships is the one we have with our bodies. An organic mechanism adorned and used almost religiously in all commercials, the young body, harmonious and tanned is an aspirational ideal, a center of pleasures and at the same time the unique source of our pain (the brain is the only organ that doesn’t feel pain, as known by those who performed trepanations in ancient medicine). This is why it is also the source of our strongest fears.

For millennia, human curiosity about finding out what lays under our own skin has been tempered by the horror experienced when a scalpel is found near our skin. The slicing of animals for consumption was the experience that was closest to the understanding of the interior mechanisms of the human body, by mirroring, deductively, since it was always based on the assumption of a natural similarity between all living beings.

Modern medicine has built a reputation on dissecting its peers in such a striking way, that some of them, in an illuminist effort dedicated to the progress of science and the triumph of the human mind, have donated their own bodies after death to medical schools. The time when man was the only protected species in this sense, was the time when the human body was cloaked in fascination, fear and as a consequence, sacrality.

The Sarkos, the greek term for flesh and the essence of the human condition, has left behind in the contemporary languages the pleasures of the flesh, sensuality, foods with an animal origin, as well as sarcasm (words that butcher the interlocutor) and the sarcophagus (a flesh devouring box). A consequence comes from this generous source of terms (that suggested the sinning body as well as the immaculate human body of the Son of God) the moment of celebration before fasting. A party like in the last day of life, before all the meat that wouldn’t have been consumed is removed from the house and the carnal pleasures forbidden for forty days has given us the Carnival party.” (1001arte)

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“It’s hot, it’s cold. There’s a salty, acidic smell in my nostrils that never leaves me. My skin itches in my pants. It’s summer again, it’s winter again. Not bad at all. All is good. I feel good about myself. It’s cool. Tomorrow is my birthday and I do not know what I’m going to do or what to do about myself. All day he sees flesh and blood. And tomorrow is his birthday. He pulls out organs, walks the bodies of the animals (he does not like to call them animals), steps on blood, talks on the phone, he has loved, he eats. Instead, he does not sleep. He’s probably the most awake on the planet. He still has a heart. And he does not want to lose it. And he’s got a big checked blue and white shirt. And a big checked red and white tablecloth. And a Van Gogh door and a bed. Pneumonia. He has a planet. And a baobab. That’s it.”
(Calin Sas – The Sas Gallery)



Project/Event: L’Abattoir/Vernisaje

Artist: Tara von Neudorf 

Special guest artist: Vali Chincisan 

Date: Saturday, November 4th | 21h30

Location: Fratelli Studios

Movie: Dragos Hanciu

Photos: Courtesy of Fratelli Studios