Le jardin du Soleil Vert

Le Jardin du Soleil Vert

“Water is the gaze of the earth, its instrument for looking at time…” (Paul Claudel – L’Oiseau noir dans le Soleil levant).

“The art of Dimisca captures continuous rebirths, it is the art of flowing phenomena, of organic metamorphosis through which, when ready, life starts. When cared for with responsibility, water goes through successive processes of purification, alchemic transformations used by man to hand over the gift of life to future generations. People that become fish or birds are freed not just from a natural condition, they are transposed in a weightless dreamy space. A metaphor of the circular economy, of the profound understanding of the contemporary problems like climate change and biodiversity.

The water is the ultimate binder of the city, a unifying element of individual dwelling. Watching over the gates of Bucharest, Le Jardin de Soleil Vert reminds us all of the need to take care of what unites us, of the values the community builds its projects of sustainable and responsible development on.

The living water, reborn from itself, is the image and the symbol of our capacity to purify, of our trust and hope in what we can do for our future.”   Cristian Cojanu, curator, 1001Arte

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  • 36 m high metal structure / 5 digestors x 8000 mc each
  • Hand painted, by brush
  • No cutting or welding used – explosion danger area
  • Painted surface became water resistant after only 30 minutes from application
  • Recoating time: between 45 minutes to 4 hours
  • Colours pigmented on site by the artist
  • Paint has UV resistance and long-term flexibility

The Team

Project Management & Construction: FS TECHNOLOGIES AND MANAGEMENT

Concept & Implementation: HALUCINARIUM & THE SAS GALLERY

Artist: Laurentiu Dimisca


Client: Veolia / Apa Nova Romania

Location: Glina Wastewater Treatment Plant


Photo & film: Dragos Hanciu

Photo: Calin Sas